Friday, November 19, 2010

Time tables drills

I was helping William memorize the four times table today, which I find an arduous and tedious task to be honest, and I was complaining to Courtney that it’s on days like these that I wish someone else was educating our children. He pointed out however, that even if William was going to a public school, we would probably still be doing this repetitive quizzing with him until we knew he had the entire table memorized, as no teacher could possibly sit down with every student in their class like that. That’s when I remembered all those evenings with my dad, asking me over and over again to recite things that had to be memorized, everything from Latin verbs and German tenses to, that’s right, the time tables. I also remembered my friends complaining about how much homework their children have, and how hard it is to get them to do it after school every day, and how difficult it is. So, I guess if we’re going to have to do it, we might as well do it. Or something like that.

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