Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from Beirut!

A few days ago I managed to grab the last turkey at Idriss, an American Butterball turkey, and today I cooked it, to perfection, along with stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie, corn, green beans with caramelized onions, cranberry sauce, and Beet, Walnut, Pear and Blue cheese salad. The boys made a fantastic pumpkin pie with shipped cream. It was just us, our family, and dinner was a bit disorganized, but still very nice.

Abraham came down with a fever last night and a stuffy nose. I think his throat hurts too because he won’t eat. While I was cooking he was watching Sesame Street with the boys, but as soon as dinner was on the table he wanted me to nurse him to sleep. So while everyone ladled food onto their plates I had no choice but to lay down in the bedroom with Abraham. Thankfully, he fell asleep almost at once, poor guy, and I could join the rest of the family. Dinner was very tasty, although we’ve never had one of these Butterball turkeys before: are they injected with something? It wasn’t bad but it seemed artificially juicy.

We were also not able to sit for as long as we usually do because Professor Husband is leaving for a conference in Turkey in the morning, and as always, he’s slavishly following his credos “Thou shall not write thou paper until the very last minute!” As soon as etiquette allowed therefore, he jumped up and anxiously continued his work.

It is evening now, and the kitchen is clean, Abraham is asleep – again – hopefully down for the night, and hopefully on the mend, the boys are listening to their audio files (they’re finishing Tom Sawyer), and Courtney is typing away in a battle against the clock (he’s being picked up at 3:15 am!). I am enjoying some wine while finishing off my husband’s packing, and thinking about all that I am thankful for: a wonderful family, near and far; food & shelter with a generator in the basement; the opportunity to do something exciting in my life with people I love, and to visit and live in places I never thought I’d go; friends, near and far; faith and the inspiration I have to do my best every day as a mother, wife, teacher, and person; and for everything else that makes my life and that of my fellow human beings so amazing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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