Monday, November 29, 2010

Sick children and stuck in the house

Of course, just moments after I finished the previous blog post, Abraham developed a high fever and threw up all over my bed. Since then he has got worse over the weekend - his fever turned into a cold, leading up to a full blown “wants nothing but mama, and either held, carried, or nursed 24/7, no sleep at night” kind of cold. After three days, needless to say, I’m beat. The boys have caught it too, whatever it is, but not as bad as their baby brother.
Most of all, I feel bad for Abraham and for the boys. The boys feel bad for Abe too. Whenever he coughs -it's obvious it really hurts him because he starts to cry - they say "I wish that was me instead of Abe!" As sick as our baby is, we haven't really been able to leave the house. The boys therefore have had to forfeit their promised Harry Potter movie theater visit, among other things we had planned as a treat while daddy was away. Yesterday I managed to get some milk, but today we’re simply just trying to hold out until daddy comes home.
Eight more hours.

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