Saturday, November 6, 2010

My favorite morning of the week

Although we are still looking for a way to integrate outdoor and/or sports activities into our everyday routine, we have at least managed to turn Saturday mornings into our default mega sports time. The whole family eats a big breakfast with eggs and whole wheat grain (cereal, porridge, or muesli) and then heads over to campus for an hour and a half of Taekwondo (the older boys), tennis (the Husband and I), general ball play (Abraham), followed by an hour of swimming class (the older boys), an hour on the treadmill (I), and a bit of ‘toddler and otherwise busy father’ one-on-one (Husband and Abraham). No matter what else we have planned or not planned for the weekend, I love everything about our Saturday mornings: not only do we get plenty of exercise and spend time together doing something fun, but strolling across campus is a treat since it’s relatively quiet, and as always, beautiful. (The view of the blue Mediterranean Sea still takes my breath away!)

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