Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Maybe I miss television a little bit...

When we chose not to take certain things with us to Lebanon, I didn't expect we would miss our television, mainly because I thought if there was a show we really wanted to watch, we could do it online. Our internet connection here however, does not allow us to watch anything. If we stay up really, really late, Courtney & I will manage to get through an episode of Grey's Anatomy or House. What I miss the most though, is being able to turn on Mythbusters or Survivor Man, or even Dirty Jobs, for the boys while making dinner. These are shows that they love, and shows that are not bad, either. I asked the boys yesterday what they miss from the days we had a television, and these are the shows they mentioned, and how they miss being able to watch them with daddy. William also mentioned Suite Life on Deck, which I find cute. (I'm glad Ben Ten didn't come up, or one of those other cartoons.) All in all, I think we're doing fine without a TV - obviously, somehow I manage to make dinner every day without it! (Although I'm seriously looking into ordering some DVDs of these shows for Christmas for the boys.)

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