Friday, November 5, 2010

Finally Friday!

Today we went to the campus playground after lunch so that the boys could play with their friends, and then the boys finished their (schoolwork) math when we got home, while I made dinner. I love Friday afternoons; as soon as the boys finish for the week, they let out a shriek of joy and pride, “Done!!” Their reward is immediate: all-you-can-handle-screen-time until bed time!

I remember when I was young and going to school, that Friday afternoons where nice, but to see the boys work extra hard on Fridays to finish early, is truly a blessing. They get such a satisfaction out of it.

Saturday mornings are busy, with Taekwondo immediately followed by swimming, all the while Courtney and I play tennis (with Abraham), still, Friday marks the end of the work week, and the boys’ contentment makes it all the more special.

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