Thursday, November 18, 2010

Going to the movies in Beirut #2

I took the boys to the movie theater yesterday to see Megamind in 3D. The theater was absolutely packed! Lines to buy tickets, lines to get candy, and all seats occupied. The Lebanese are a little better than the Egyptians at standing in line, or actually, they have a sense of what this might entail – as opposed to the Egyptians whose culture does not include anything like it at all. Still, there were a lot of university student aged kids who tried to get ahead. At one point when we were in line behind two children and their mother to buy popcorn, a guy came up and stood right next to William, trying to get ahead of the boys in front of us. He was holding up money, ready to make his order. I looked at him, he looked at me, and I said to him, “Are you seriously trying to get in front of these KIDS? You’re trying to butt in ahead of KIDS who are about to buy candy? No. There’s a line. Get in the back of it.” and I pointed to the end of the line. He looked very intimidated and backed off, just to send his girlfriend up a few moments later. I told her the same thing, and she too backed off. Everyone around me gave me appreciating looks. Goodness.

The movie was all right. I have a weak spot for Will Farrell, which helped. He does Megamind’s voice. The theater was not ideal for 3D however, and we didn’t get the best of seats, but all three boys enjoyed it so much, it was well worth it. Next time we’ll go on a weekday though, when it’s less crowded. The boys want to see the new Harry Potter movie, which is out today, I think. Living within walking distance of a movie theater is fun. Now if only we could find a baby sitter so that Courtney & I could enjoy it too.

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