Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pregnancy cravings

Early on in this pregnancy I decided that - this being probably the last time in my life I didn't have to count every calorie that goes into my mouth - I was going to give myself a "free pass." Enjoy something extra, while I can. I even bought treats that I usually enjoy - chips, chocolate - to accommodate my prospective self indulgence.

But then the most annoying thing happened. Feeling a little snacky, I would go into the kitchen and offer myself anything I desired, eyeing the Cadbury bar and the pretzels, and tune into my cravings. They would completely let me down, every time. My body hasn't wanted any chocolate or chips during this pregnancy, but craves fruits and calcium. All I ever desired, standing there in the kitchen - even craved - was a large apple, a banana or a tub of strawberries. Sometimes a berry smoothie.

I've eaten less sweets or crisps these past nine months than ever.

So disappointing.


  1. When I was pregnant I craved watermelon, asparagus and caesar salad... all sources of folic acid. Oh, and Itsakadoozie popsicles... not sure what that was a source of! HAHA