Monday, March 11, 2013

Post illness- pre birth school work

School was a complete disaster this past week due to illness. The boys read quite a bit, but I could not get them to do anything else - not even heavy reading. Yesterday morning finally, everyone was fever free and nobody had thrown up or had diarrhea for days. Only the bad colds remained. Then William went outside for a couple of hours to see his friends, happy to be back playing, and when he came in he was exhausted, and his fever back.

So I let them sleep this morning. Later and tomorrow we’ll do some history and writing projects, and art – things I know Prof. Husband will not do with them while I’m in the hospital. 

Then they’ll start on their three week “light program,” which entails basic, independent every day work: Math, English (grammar, spelling and reading), Rosetta Stone and music practice. It's all written out in a neat schedule. They have assigned readings every day that contain sections from history and science, but there is no substantial project work planned. We can do that this summer.

Sounds good?

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