Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day T -1 to surgery

This is the day before my surgery. After check-in, I quickly got hooked up to an IV and clad in a hospital gown. I then spent the late afternoon/evening watching movies on my computer, trying to relax. I knew the doctors’ plan: to fill me up with fluids to ‘dilute’ my blood, so that when I lost blood during surgery the next day, it wouldn’t be as concentrated and I wouldn’t lose as many red blood cells.

After August’s piano concert that evening, my husband stopped by and showed me the video of August performing. I can’t believe I had to miss it! Of all the nights. He did so well, and I might have shed a tear while watching it on William’s iPod.

It was hard to sleep, that first night in the hospital – sleeping with an IV in your hand takes a bit of getting used to, and I needed to use the bathroom every other hour (I was still pregnant, remember, and had a large amount of liquid per hour entering my body). I might also have been a bit emotional about all kinds of things - having a baby the next day, saying good-bye to certain parts of my body that I knew would be removed, and my smooth, round belly, which would never look the same again. I missed the boys too, knowing that due to hospital policy, I might not be able to see them for several days.

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