Saturday, March 30, 2013

...and we're back!

It has been almost two weeks since our sweet baby's birth. I wanted to post our birth story earlier, but… you know what it’s like, I’m sure, and as you will find out, things kept coming up in the way of my recovery (and writing). 

Anyways; since Thursday I have finally got to stay home and rest with the baby, and have been able to put something together. I am “back-blogging” our story, so if you want to read the whole story from beginning to end, you should start here (the day before the surgery) and read forward (by scrolling up) in time.


  1. Oh Jennifer! What a process you've gone through! I have to admit I teared up at the photo of the 4 boys together. SO lovely to see that. I wish you a speedy recovery, and hope that it won't be long before you are enjoying nursing, long naps and bonding.

  2. I just realized I had missed some of the posts. More tears reading what all you went through. I can only imagine the conflict of such a serious surgery, your baby in NICU and all in a country where culture and language likely both present challenges. I'm so happy for you that you're home now, and I DOUBLE the wishes in my first comment.

    1. Dear Kristi, How sweet of you! Thank you - it IS all very emotional indeed.