Thursday, February 21, 2013

Orange blossoms - Is it spring?

I was walking home from my MRI today, trying not to worry, when I noticed that the sun was bright and warm, and the buds on the orange trees are about to burst open and unleash spring all around us. It made me a little anxious, since I’ve had in my mind all along that this baby will be born in the spring. If the orange trees are about to bloom, this means that spring is imminent and… that this baby is going to be born? A moment while I panic.

As you might have figured out by now, it’s not so much having the baby with us that scares me (I can’t wait to have little quartus here and for it all to be over!), but everything that surrounds the birth. I don’t like having a c-section (Duh! Imagine that!) because it’s risky and uncomfortable – actually, it hurts so much at every stage, that I have no idea how I ever got through it, ever. I’m worried that there are going to be complications, and I’m worried that the paperwork that follows the birth – insurance and birth certificates, passport, etc. - will be even more painful than the actual physical recovery (I think we both know this is a justified and valid fear).

At the same time, the orange trees smell so nice, I can't help but welcome spring. Thank you, oh Lord, for these our gifts...

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