Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hard Rock Cafe

Last night Prof. Husband and I went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. We had just arrived at the Hard Rock cafe, and the waiter asked me what I would like to order.

"I’d like a 'Groupie Grind', please."
"But mam, it has no alcohol in it."
"Eh, no. I don’t want any alcohol in my drink."
"OK." [puzzled look] "Would you like something else?"
"Yes, may I have the nachos please?"
"Of course. Would you like the half portion? The full portion is big... to share."
"No, I’ll take the full one, please."

Although it’s quite amazing at this point (I’m more belly than anything), clearly, the guy didn’t see my belly and didn’t realize I was pregnant. Or he wouldn’t have wondered why I didn’t order alcohol, and he certainly wouldn’t have suggested I couldn’t eat a full portion of nachos by myself!

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