Thursday, February 14, 2013

My sweet Valentine

I was brushing my hair out in the bathroom yesterday, getting ready to take Abraham to a Valentine’s Day party in the playground, when he came in, looked at me with a smile, and said, “Mama, you look FANTASTIC!” I almost teared up. He had just spent a good portion of the morning making a Valentine’s card for his little friend Isabella. When he was done, he admired his work, and commented, “I love making this Valentine’s card.”

He has been such a sweet boy lately, often verbalizing his feelings of happiness and love. He often hugs my belly and says, “I love my baby,” or “I love you, mama!” and then adds, “…and I love my boys and my daddy.” Every morning when he wakes up, he looks out the window and declares, “It’s a sunny day,” (even when it’s raining) and often he adds, “we are going to have a good day today, mama.”

He makes us all feel happy and loved, so today, when he asked if maybe we could go to the candy store and buy a candy necklace (he has been asking for this on and off for a week now), there was no turning him down.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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