Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Naming the baby

We don’t have a name for the baby. The only name we ever agreed on and had decided on in advance was August. We didn’t know we were having a boy, but that was the name we had picked out. William was a random, moments before delivery pick (we actually also had a girl’s name picked out at that time, since we didn’t know it was another boy) and Abraham – although it was a given and a name we had thought about for a while – wasn’t decided on until the doctor put a scalpel to my abdomen.

The boys have a few ideas for this baby, and as usual, Prof. Husband has suggested a name that I would not pick in a million years, and I like a name that Prof. Husband doesn’t. It’s very difficult this time around, since I feel we already used up all the extra good, potential names for the boys’ middle names.

We all keep asking Abraham what he thinks the baby’s name should be, but he insists, “I don’t know the baby’s name is. We have to wait until he comes out of mama’s tummy. Then we’ll know his name is.” Attempts to explain that the baby doesn’t come with a name are so far futile. He comes out a boy, with a specific hair color and eye color, so why would he not also have a name?

So I guess we wait. In the meantime, I’m hoping for a bit of ‘divine intervention’: maybe the new pope will choose a name that we would like to name our baby?

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  1. Maybe once Abraham looks at his brother, he will suggest a completely awesome name?