Saturday, September 29, 2012

Knock on wood!

The focus of this past week was – not blogging, that’s for sure! Ha, ha! – getting the boys’ schooling going properly. We have now added all subjects and are running a full curriculum five days/week, full days. Math, English, and French in the morning, Science or history, Latin and Music in the afternoon, Logic and Art or Taekwondo practice in the evenings. It’s working! I mean, we have a working schedule, and the boys are studying, learning, thinking, reading, writing and creating.

Even Abraham - my energetic three-year old - has a schedule: a number in the morning, a letter in the afternoon, and art in the evening. He also likes to listen to the science lessons, and he never wants to miss his two Magic Schoolbus episodes/day (for when I need that special one-on-one time with the older boys).

When I say it’s working, I mean it’s all more-or-less working: Prof. Husband is managing his job well, we have food in the fridge, dinner on the table in the evenings, a clean kitchen by the time we go to bed, and clean clothes (that still need to be folded and put away though – I didn’t say I was super-mom!). I even managed to squeeze in a few hours of work this week without hurting anyone. Ha, huh?

OK, the house is a bit of a disaster at the end of the week, but nothing a little weekend cleaning can’t manage.

Knock on wood!

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