Saturday, September 29, 2012

Celebrating fall in Beirut

A lot of my friends are posting beautiful fall pictures online, with descriptions of crisp morning frost on trees bursting with color, and brisk morning walks that make your cheeks red. They light candles in the evenings and enjoy a hot drink in front of the fireplace on Sunday mornings. Fall; what a romantic time!

I still sleep with the A/C on, and the orange tree outside our balcony is a very deep, dark green, with oranges that are starting to turn light yellow. There are flowers in bloom everywhere, the sea is still warm and the sun still bright enough that we have that constant smell off sunblock lingering in the house.

Still, this morning, I’m having hot cocoa with my ham sandwich (OK, it’s smoked turkey since Spinney’s in Jnah doesn’t sell ham in the deli, but we still call it ham) to mark the season, and later today, I will make an apple pie out of those amazing Syrian apples I bought at the market. I might even start working on the boys’ Halloween costumes.

 Just because we live right next to the Mediterranean doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate fall, right? It is after all the last day of September here too! And you can drink hot cocoa even though you are not wearing a wool sweater and stockings, but a thick layer of sunblock, right?

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