Thursday, October 21, 2010

To you, oh annoying driver, who repeatedly asked me "taxi? taxi?!" yesterday

La-a shukran!! No, I DON’T need a taxi right now, thanks. In fact, your car isn’t really a taxi, is it? It doesn’t have an official plate or a sign on the roof. And curiously, I’m not considering getting into a random car with a strange, large man driving just today, thank you. I’m sorry but I have this odd idea that it might not be a good thing to do. In addition, as you might have noticed if you had not been so busy honking at me over and over again, I am getting my badge out as I am five yards from the AUB gate, and about to enter. This is why I was waiting for you to pass so that I could get across the street and onto campus. Yes, when you slowed down, honking loudly, blocking my way to ask me if I wanted a taxi. It was obvious that I was looking to cross the street, yet there you were. So thanks, but no thanks.

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