Monday, October 18, 2010

Settling in is a lot of work!

Time is passing by so quickly this fall. Between trying to process all the new impressions, and everything else that comes with moving to a completely new place, we’ve dealt with bad tummies for a while now. It seems to go up and down, although over this past week, most everyone has got better. Hopefully this is the last of it.

I remember having this very same feeling that I have now when we first moved to Egypt three years ago. While trying to get into everything from sports activities, schoolwork, and establishing a routine, to making friends and finding a good grocery store, we were continuously hit by diversions, like birthday parties, Halloween, Thanksgiving, sicknesses, trips, any other special occasion, etc. I felt like our finding our way in our new country was disrupted over and over again, and I was frustrated. Yet in the end, what happened of course was that all those challenges I was faced with, like trying to find a good pharmacy, an understanding, English-speaking doctor, even turkey in a strange country, are what helped me get completely settled. Knowing this now, I’m not as stressed out as I was then, although it doesn’t lessen the actual work. I still have to find a place to get a turkey. I’m still looking for a good toy store, a pork vendor, a place to buy Christmas ornaments, and a good way to get our gym time in. I’m also still looking for a good baby sitter, and it’s getting a bit pressing now that Courtney has E-tickets printed out for his two trips this fall. Do you know anyone?

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