Sunday, October 24, 2010

Going to the movies in Beirut

Today we went to the movies for the first time in Beirut. We have been planning it for a while, since we live just a few minute’s walk from a movie theater. Today though, it turned out the movie we had planned to see didn’t play at “our” movie theater, so we took a taxi to Sodeco Square, about a ten minute drive from our house. The taxi driver who took us there though took *the long* way (meaning, he drove way out of the way to get there), obviously in an attempt to rip us off, and when we finally got there, he wanted $10 for the ride, which would cost anyone else not-so-fair-skinned half that price. This is not the first time we’ve been discriminated against because of our skin color here, and it’s really annoying. Anywhere in the world, done to anyone.

We got our tickets (LL14000/person) and looked around the mini-mall that surrounds the movie theater, which seemed to be catered to kids; cafés serving marshmallow cakes, candy shops, and toy stores. We got some candy at a small shop, but then when we got into the actually movie theater regretted it, because they had a perfectly nice concession stand with free refills on popcorn for LL4000.

The theater was small but nice, and the 3-D glasses were nicer than the ones we got in the States. We had great seats right in the middle of the theater. Our movie, Legends of the Guardians, was all right. Just perfect for the boys, who truly enjoyed every moment of it.

On the way home we got a taxi driver who drove us straight home and didn’t try to rip us off. A good ending to a nice outing.

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