Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Celebrating our first birthday in Beirut

Today was our oldest son’s birthday. He turned nine years old. Nine?! It's strange to think that it was nine years ago Dr. Schroyens pulled a little cone shaped head out of my body, changing our life forever.

We got a couple of gifts for our boy in the US this summer before we came to Lebanon, and I’m glad, because not having explored the shopping possibilities here yet, I wouldn’t really have known where to go. He was very happy with what he got: Bionicles, Pokemon, and Bakugan. I have a feeling we’re starting to move out of the toy phase, but for this year, he was still easy to satisfy. I wonder what comes next.

To celebrate, we had invited some of his new friends here in Beirut. For a couple of hours this evening, our house was filled with boys; hamburger eating, cake eating, Nerf gun shooting, wrestling, screaming and yelling boys. They all had a blast. I chatted with the moms, and it was nice to finally have someone over at our new house.

Next major event, lurking around the corner: Halloween. I wonder if or how it is celebrated here in Beirut.

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