Monday, October 18, 2010

Labels - Funny English in Lebanon #2

I got these labels for spice jars that I bought at the "dollar store" here in Hamra. Since most spices come in plastic bags and will get all over your spice cabinet while you're looking through them, I bought little jars and labels.

Looking more closely at the labels today; I was sniffing the spices and trying to decided what to write on the label, I noticed some interesting things. What exactly is a "Glutinous Label?" Are they referring to gluten? Or have they misspelled the word "gluttonous?"

Moreover, "may stick on anything at will" certainly sounds like a warning to me. I'm glad they put that on there, prompting me to be more cautious while handling the labels.

Courtney made a profane joke about the "the goods need cleaning" part.

Under the heading "Household utensil..." the picture looks to be based on a Miro or Picasso when it comes to perspective.

Lastly, notice the heading involving hospital equipment. I'm glad they found a use for a semi-colon somewhere in the middle there, without spaces or anything. It's really what had me sold.

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