Sunday, October 3, 2010

Roadster Diner on Hamra Street - never again!

Yesterday we went to have dinner at Roadster Diner on Hamra Street. We didn’t mean to, but we were out looking for shelves before going to the grocery store, and the timing was bad. Everyone got really hungry, and nobody was going to last through the shopping. So, we decided to try out the restaurant. Free refills on drinks, if nothing else, sounded enticing too, in the heat.

We all had Buffalo BBQ chicken wings for an appetizer, which was tasty, and for a main course Courtney had the chicken burger, and the boys and I had the classic burger. Courtney ended up eating part of August's burger. Abraham only ate the fries. The food was nowhere near as good as the diner type food we had a Crepeaway a few weeks ago. The cole slaw was too salty, the burgers were hard, and nothing special. They even had a slightly funny taste to them. The service was really bad as well. They announce free refills on drinks, but there was never a waiter around to ask, so we really couldn’t take advantage of it. When we finally got someone, they acted annoyed. All on all, it was a bad experience, especially taking into account that it was very expensive. Everything was extra, and overprized.

Oh well, we thought, we’ll just never go back there again. Right, we won’t! Around 3 am I woke up with horrible stomach cramps and a high fever: chills, diarrhea, and nausea. When I went to the bathroom I noticed that William was on another toilet, with the same thing. Soon thereafter, August got up. It was a night from hell, with everyone running back and forth to the bathroom, drinking water to try to keep the fever down. It’s all in a haze now; it’s 5 pm and I just managed to crawl out of bed. The house is a wreck since we got our shipment, and everyone is just sitting around sick. Misery.

Only poor Abraham (who didn’t have any of the burger) hasn’t shown any symptoms and hopefully it will stay that way.


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