Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mosquitoes in Beirut?

Since it started cooling down a bit, we’ve started using our large balcony a bit more. Last night Courtney sat out there for his Skype call with a colleague in the US. They are working on a book together, and as the deadline is drawing near, they need to go through all the edits. Not only is it nice to be able to sit outside on a cool late-summer night, but also, connecting through the university network, our internet reception is optimal out there.

At first I was skeptical about spending our evenings outside on the balcony, because I can’t stand mosquitoes. I am very sensitive, and get giant bites that itch terribly for months. Even after I've scratched so much and so hard they've turned into open wounds, then scabs, then scars, and finally healed completely; even then, they will occasionally itch. But then, over these past few days I’ve noticed; there are no mosquitoes. How is that possible? We’re right by the sea. Do they spray the city? I wonder, and will have to investigate. Why are there no mosquitoes in Hamra?

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  1. Mosquitoes do not love sea at all! :) Sea water even kills their eggs. M-s need sweet, stagnant water for breeding, but you do not have anything sweet or stagnant on a beach or seashore, or what?

    Why they are sometimes abundant in seaside resorts perhaps comes from that resort territories are lavishly watered every day, to keep the plants healthy and beautiful, which creates hidden small reservoirs of water in lower areas. And there are ponds usually, too.