Saturday, January 5, 2013

Three months to go

Right. We have another great event coming up this spring, of course: the birth and welcoming of our new baby. It seems he can’t come soon enough. As you might or might not have gathered, I’m going through a rough pregnancy. Also, I can’t wait to meet this baby, whose little head, which rests so snug to the top left of my belly button, I touch every day, and whose strong kicks keep me up at night. However, at the same time he will be here too soon, because I feel overwhelmed by all that I need to - and want to - have done before he comes.

Before his arrival, we need to rearrange the bedrooms and sleeping arrangements, to get Abraham and his bed out of our bedroom and into one of the older boys’ rooms. This entails rearranging toys, dressers and furniture in general, etc. Once that is done, I can start trying to find our baby clothes and gear stored away in a box somewhere, wash everything and sort it into one of the dressers, buy diapers and wipes and assemble the co-sleeper and set it up. I also have an extensive, thorough cleaning of the house in mind, which – apart from scrubbing every inch of the house - would include sorting out the storage closet (a great enterprise by itself, believe me!), arranging and deep cleaning the kitchen (it’s a bit of a mess with very little organizational thought behind the shelf arrangements), arrange our closets and bookshelf, wash carpets, couches, etc. to make sure our house is as baby-friendly as possible.

And then there’s the actual birth. I had such a horrible case in Cairo, Egypt, that even though I’m experienced when it comes to c-sections (three down, one to go), I’m feeling a bit anxious about the whole thing. I still have time, of course, but at some point, you know… I will have to start preparing myself mentally, physically and make arrangements.

On top of all this, I would like to do some traveling, get the boys far ahead in their schoolwork, AND get as much extra work in as possible to make up for the postpartum period when I probably won’t be able to work a lot. Of course, there’s everything else too that I have to do, like, normal, everyday things… I know. Wow, right?

Three months. You think I can do it?

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