Friday, January 11, 2013

A not so academic week

There we are: we’re finishing up our first week of school this year, and I can without a doubt say that it was an absolute disaster. The boys got nearly no regular academic work done, and we were not a very productive family in other ways either. I could blame it on the fact that all public and private schools in Lebanon were closed for most of this week due to an order by the minister of education (because of the “storm,” which practically was over on Monday), which left all of my little students’ friends calling us all day to ask if the boys could come out and play, but I don’t think that was the only reason. My own lack of motivation, or rather, focus, is also a culprit, I’m sure, since I usually at any time can whip up this family to do the most unpleasant things.

It’s like I needed a couple of days to just… I’m not sure. What did I actually do? A lot of laundry, including washing all of our baby clothes and putting them in the dresser. Yes, we rearranged the rooms, and sorted through approximately half of the toys. Now our 11-year old is sharing a room (which is completely arranged and set up with a play area and all) with the (almost) four year old, and the nine year old has a bedroom (which still needs some work) to himself. The master bedroom has been prepared for baby arrival (short of the co-sleeper, which we will assemble closer to the birth) and looks great, with plenty of space for… well, I was thinking laundry, maybe a diaper changing area. When my dear husband came in and saw what I had done however, his whole face lit up, and he exclaimed with joy, “Oh honey! Did you create this space for a new flat screen TV?” Ha, ha, ha. Not a chance.

I also, finally, got the whole family off to the grocery store for a big shopping (where my husband spent most of the time eyeing the flat screen TVs), and we did spend a lot of time practicing instruments, having music lessons, discussing and reading Thomas Aquinas, whipping up chemistry experiments, and I worked a bunch of hours.

Suddenly a whole week has passed, and today, the boys and I are going away for a long weekend in the mountains with friends, to spend a few days skiing/sledding/playing in the snow. The kids are so excited! Since my OBGyn ordered me not to ski, I’m thinking I’ll feel a little like a kid in a candy store, with no chance of getting any candy, but I know the fresh air and the beautiful setting will get me going. My motivation is growing stronger by the minute just thinking about it, actually, and I will be back on Monday, impetus style!

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