Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our home school curriculum, subject by subject: English (2. Spelling)

As mentioned, in English class, we study four subjects: Grammar, Spelling, Reading and Writing. You can read about our Grammar program here.

2. Spelling

The boys started Spelling Workout A in first grade after having completed Phonics Pathways, and I have to admit; I’ve never really looked for a different program. My sixth grader – who’s just finishing up Spelling Workout G and will get through Spelling Workout H by the end of this year -is a master speller, and my fourth grader, who is slightly dyslexic, profits from it as well (despite what this excellent, and much more extensive review of the program says).

I have been supplementing the program slightly, by making my older student learn extra word roots, prefixes and suffixes from a list that I got out of the Targeting Grammar book. I haven’t looked at next year’s program yet – six years of Spelling Workout finished, and now what will we do? - but whatever will come, I know he’ll be prepared.

For my younger student with a bit of special spelling needs, I’m supplementing with extra spelling words. (You can read more about that here.)

In addition to all this, we discuss and keep a record of new vocabulary every day; these are mainly expressions or words that the boys get from their daily readings.

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