Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sickness prevails

Little one is still fighting sickness today. We managed to stave off the cough a bit (thanks for advice!) though – I’m not sure what helped because it was a multifaceted attack, involving everything from Vicks Vaporub and honey, to some homeopathic cough remedy my neighbor gave us. But he still has a fever, a lot of snot (Abraham is still not a very efficient nose blower), and this morning he threw up. Now, last time we were in this situation I took him to the emergency room, because that time his vomiting was accompanied by heavy, labored breathing – clear signs of pneumonia – and sure enough, a chest x-ray and two doctors confirmed that diagnosis. This time his chest doesn’t have that sound, however perhaps there’s no reason to wait for it? On the other hand though, I would really like to see him recover from this without antibiotics (which they will prescribe, pneumonia or not), and as I’m still not recovered myself, I’d rather not have to hike up the hill and spend hours in a hospital (in vain, if he still recovers without intervention), when we could be snuggled up on the couch together. Sigh. Adult decisions, why are you bothering me?

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