Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012!

As usual, AUB this year organized trick-or-treating around campus housing for a couple of hours on a weekend close to Halloween: All children must be accompanied by an adult. Only for residents or by invitation only. Only knock on doors with decorations. Very civilized.

Last year we ran out of candy after 20 minutes because Courtney handed it out by the handful while I went out with the boys. This year we were better prepared, and I think there were fewer kids - probably courtesy of the Eid.

Abraham and August went as zombies, William as an assassin, He's not wearing his full costume in the picture because he was still putting it together as we were walking out the door. He has a bit of a hard time making his mind up sometimes. For blood I mixed corn syrup with red food coloring, It worked really well.

The older boys went ahead, and I walked with a couple of friends and their little boys. The three, a zombie and two dinosaurs, were super cute and got extra candy in most places.

All three of my boys came home with a full bag of candy each. Abraham stuffed his face and then had his mandatory meltdown, because it wouldn't really be Halloween without a screaming three-year old, now would it? It was great!

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