Monday, October 15, 2012

Shopping day

Despite suffering from a bad cold, I still endured a two-hour torture session, a.k.a. our bi-monthly shopping, at Spinney’s in Jnah this afternoon. We really had no choice. There was no food left in our kitchen, at all. Not even cereal. I wasn’t up for it, naturally, but now – with a restocked kitchen and yummy things in my tummy - I’m glad we went and that it’s over with for a while.

I’ve probably mentioned it before: the days immediately following a shopping session are the best, since there are still a lot of meals to choose from, including fancy fruits, different kinds of lettuce, and other treats. Towards the end of the second week we start running out of the good stuff and/or the choices are so limited, cooking and eating gets a bit boring. Then we start running out of everything, and cooking turns into a challenge. When we enter the “innovative soup” stage, the whole family knows a shopping tour is inevitable within the next 24 hours. Three lists are written out, a two-week menu created, and off we go.

So here I am tonight, after a wonderful taco salad for dinner, enjoying a freshly made strawberry/kiwi/grape fruit salad for dessert; satisfying a craving and (hopefully) curing my cold with one meal.

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