Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday kids crowd

In our house right now, apart from Courtney and myself: one 6-year old girl, one 12-year old boy, two 10-year old boys, one 9-year old boy, one 8-year old boy, and one 3-year boy. During the weekend, when the kids need a break from playing outside in the playground, they come here. We’re like a children’s watering hole. 2l water + 1l cranberry juice = gone in 2 minutes. Whereupon they invade the playroom.

I’m grateful that our kids have friends, and feel comfortable bringing them home.

And then I’m grateful when they all leave again, to go back to the playground.


  1. After this baby arrives that is how many will live in our house!

  2. Ann, that is a wonderful thing! It's different when the kids are all your own though, I imagine, where they all speak the same language (and not Arabic, English and French in a confusing mixture) and you are allowed to parent them ("Ayza maya? No, pas de jus. Il-y-a de l'eau! ... What do you mean you 'don't LIKE water?!'If you're really thirsty, drink water. Maya, BAS! Chalas!").