Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Have I turned into one of those moms?

Since I started paying attention to my body a little while back, I’ve been running every day - around the track, weather permitting, or on a treadmill at the gym, when the weather is less permitting. Lately William has been joining me as well. This morning when we left the house, I accidentally grabbed a bib from the towel pile in the closet instead of a hand towel. When William noticed me wiping my sweat with a blue terrycloth bib that said "You think I'm cute? You should see my dad!" he looked at me like I had entered the gym naked, singing songs from the 80’s. When we got back I heard him tell August what had happened, adding, “I was so embarrassed I thought I was going to die!” I really don’t think anyone else noticed. However William was obviously a bit traumatized; my little boy who used to adore me. Sigh.

A friend commented, “This is only the beginning of the myriad ways in which you'll humiliate him by your very existence. Just remind him that you once had to nurse him in restaurants.”

Spot on.

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