Monday, March 19, 2012

A post about something that has not been done

My very smart husband rarely does anything without proper research. He is very thorough. If he is going to cook Indian food, for example, he will acquaint himself with the history of Indian food, various techniques, regions, ingredients and their properties, and anything else most people don’t know about Indian food (which they nonetheless successfully cook all over the world).

Lacking the patience, time, and motivation that my husband has, I don’t always do my research before venturing into unknown waters. Take my newly begun effort to get in shape for example. I remember when the husband got in shape back in between the older boys; he left nothing to fate. He knew exactly how long to do what, and precisely the most optimal way reach his goal. Me, not so much. I feel like I’m fumbling in the dark. I like running, but after a couple of weeks of intense running, it seems I run further much faster, and I’m just not sure how to direct that. 

I used to run three miles and it would take me around 40 minutes. Then I got better at it, and managed to run three miles in closer to 30 minutes, so a couple of times, I ran four or even five miles instead, which took me about an hour. Then today I went to run on the treadmill at the gym - because it was quite windy outside and the field was occupied by football players, whom I find a bit intimidating sometimes - but the two treadmills that show any system were occupied, and I got stuck with a treadmill that only shows kilometers. So today I'm not sure how fast or far I ran compared to other days. I should probably look it up. When I get a moment.

It’s the same thing with other exercise; is there something special I could be doing to focus on certain areas of muscles that are useful at my age? How much should I do of what? For the moment, I just do whatever comes my way. if not running, then “Today’s workout” on the Wii. Sometimes it asks me if I would like to ‘customize a work out’, and I just look at it with a puzzled face. What could I do?

You see, I ask the questions, at least. I just don’t take the time to look it all up, check out the books, and put together a program. Sigh. I should, shouldn’t I? Why not make my effort more efficient?

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  1. Sheesh, just burn calories girl. That is all you need to worry about! Maybe you are thinking that getting into "shape" is more than losing weight but those details will work themselves out! I think your doing great.