Saturday, September 11, 2010

We're going to live by the sea!

Yesterday we walked downtown to Place D’Etoile. We descended from our hotel down towards the water, to walk along the Cornishe. I could smell it before I saw it; the air had that salty, fishy, and sunny odor. As we came down behind a building, I spotted the blue water; an endless open splash of color and freshness. That first view of the Mediterranean was breathtaking. Not so much because of what it is or because it’s so beautiful – I have seen the Mediterranean more times than I can count, most recently in Greece - no, I drew a breath of excitement because it struck me right then and there, that I was here to stay. That right there was going to be my view for the next coming X years. This was my home now; right by the Mediterranean. That’s pretty amazing.

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