Thursday, September 23, 2010

On generators: a must in Beirut

The apartment we settled on renting this year is very nice; three bedrooms, spacious and in the heart of Hamra, close to the university. All costs are included in the rent (in our experience, this will help avoid a lot of misunderstandings), there’s a dishwasher, and the house has a generator. I have to admit that at first, this fact did not have a huge impact on our decision to settle for this apartment, but from what we have found out later, it’s a life saver. Our Housing Department guide told us the electricity goes out on average 3/24 hours in downtown Beirut, which apparently is much better than in the suburbs, where it goes out on average 12/24 hours. We almost didn't believe him. Having lived here for less than a week however, we have learned to appreciate this subtle but important perk. The light in the hallway that indicates that the generator is running seems to be lit every time we go out, and we’ve been coming and going a lot, running errands. Three hours/day seems like an underestimate.

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