Saturday, September 25, 2010

One of our first encounters with Lebanese food

Tonight we went to Café Blanc a second time. It’s a modern Lebanese restaurant on Hamra Street next to the Crown Plaza. We liked the food very much the first time we went last week, and felt there were many different dishes yet to try after our first positive experience. The only drawback is that the service is awful. The waiters are slow, inattentive, and obviously annoyed with Abraham, who keeps spilling. They have a high chair though, and if you ignore the service, it’s a good place to go with a family: not only is the food fun and interesting (lots of different 'dip-like dishes, warm and cold), but also, we can eat five or so mezze items with bread (which is plenty for our family, and we all like to eat a lot) and a large water for under $30.

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