Monday, September 27, 2010

Beirut is not a bike (stroller) tire friendly city...

We’ve been in Beirut for two weeks now, and I’ve already had three flats on our stroller. As nice as it is, my wonderful-so-easy-to-navigate jogging stroller, we’ve concluded its tires were not made for usage outside, or at least not in Beirut. I keep finding little prickly things stuck in the tire – from a tree that grows on campus, and although not very long or hard thorns, most of them have made holes in the tube. We’ve concluded we need tube guards, but the only bike shop we’ve found (so far) around here doesn’t carry any. In fact, the shop doesn’t even carry fixing kits, but will only sell us new tubes (which are expensive). Today, the guy said he would see if he could order guards. I hope he can. Sigh.

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