Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our hotel in Beirut

While we are still homeless, our employer has set us up in a hotel in Hamra in Beirut, not far from our new work. Hotel Cavalier is located right off Hamra Street, it’s smaller, a little less modern than what we are used to, but really great so far. Everybody is very friendly and accommodating, the rooms are clean and spacious, the showers are nice with large bathtubs (great for little kids), the internet is sufficient, and the breakfast is good. The selection is not endless, but everything is good. One of the signs it’s a high quality hotel, I find, is the juice. Here, the juice is freshly squeezed, nothing added, and made from high quality oranges. The fresh fruit salad is wonderful, and there’s plenty of other things to eat; something for everyone. We had one of the best experiences at this hotel so far though, yesterday. After a long walk downtown we got back and noticed one of the stroller tires was flat and that the top for the air plug was missing. Oh no! We absolutely depend on the stroller, and how and where on earth would we find an open bike shop, and would they even be able to repair the tire? The mere thought of having to venture out to try to solve this problem our first day was overwhelming. As we entered the hotel, we asked the manager if he knew where we could find help. Not only did he know of a place, but he offered to take the wheel over there himself and have it repaired. Within the hour, the tire was delivered to our room, all pumped up again. Now, that there is personal service! In my world, that kind of thing beats a hairdryer in the bathroom any day.

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