Thursday, September 23, 2010

Moving out of hotels and suitcases, and into our new home

After a full week at two different hotels in Beirut - Le Cavalier, which was simple, small, but good quality and excellent personal service (except for that one waiter in the breakfast room, who would sigh and roll his eyes every time he saw Abraham, because he – God forbid – spilled while eating!), and Gefinor Rotana, which was just pure luxury; a world class five star hotel - I was very happy to move into our apartment at the end of last week. We moved our bags to the house in the morning, excited; it was big and empty, except for the sparse collection of furniture our employer had supplied us with the day before: beds, bed tables, two dressers, two couches and a chair, a coffee table, a dinner table and chairs, a side table, a desk, and a washer, there was nothing. We spent the rest of the day hunting down the bare necessities we would need to pass our first night in our new apartment; sheets, pillows, cups, plates, spoons, towels, cereal and milk. We ended up finding much of what we needed at a larger store called TSC, just a few blocks away.

We passed the weekend doing laundry, visiting campus and the beach (as well as the tennis courts), and filling up cupboards and the fridge with food. On Saturday evening we had acquired pots, pans, and supplies enough that we were able to prepare a meal in our new home. It was so great to cook for ourselves. It may sound strange, but after months of living out of a suitcase and eating mostly cheap fast food, we had so been looking forward to it. We had a drink before dinner, and Lebanese red wine with our meal; chili con carne with a large salad, corn chips, and hamburgers. Yum!

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