Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On Pinterest, DIY's and inspiration

Although looking at cool or inspiring pictures makes me feel good, it can be quite destructive in that it wastes time, and I’ve had to create certain rules for myself when it comes to Pinterest. I’ve also noticed it can create frustration because of the accumulation of uncompleted projects and non-realized ideas. I don’t think I’m the only one with this problem. Today I read complaints by a couple of pinners/bloggers about the frustration of having too many DIY’s, accompanied with complete lists of tips for dealing with them, or course. I had to look it up. DIY: Do-It-Yourself.

Now all this explains a few things.

Already very busy moms are spending time online sharing ideas on how to deal with a busy, messy life. Said busy moms now feel like they need to get creative and organized, and start collecting ideas, or even create their own ideas, because who wants to be inferior? A pile of projects and ideas builds up, and before you know it, these busy moms are overwhelmed. Especially when a majority of their to-do’s are labeled “Do It Yourself!” They go online to find ideas on how to deal with being overwhelmed by trying to juggle too many things. And the cycle starts over, only with a heavier load.

Everybody is sick today. The 3-year old didn’t sleep barely at all because of his cold. , the 10-year old has a fever, a cold and a sore throat, and the 8-year old has a sore throat. Homeschool today consists of a lot of tissues, cups of tea with honey, and educational movies. I have a very sore throat and a slight fever, accompanied by no inspiration. Can you tell?

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