Monday, February 13, 2012

End of our mini-vacation: returning the crappy car to the hotel

What sore muscles we all woke up with the next day! We had planned to visit Baalbeek but canceled and decided to save that trip for another time. We were all just too tired. When I returned the car later to the Gefinor Rotana, I complained. Such a prestigious hotel – The Gefinor Rotana in Beirut - should not have such a crappy car rental service. A car rental company should not – and certainly not as established as Europcar - rent out old, bad, dirty cars. Ever. And you really shouldn’t promise “immediate” service if you have no means of delivering it. We will never rent from Europcar/Lentacar at the Gefinor Rotana in Beirut again, and I already advised some of our neighbors who inquired about out rental experience not to rent from them.

How did the rental car representative react to my complaints? Did he offer me a refund? Free extra days? No. Nothing. He didn’t even apologize. He noted that he was aware of what had happened. And that was that. Bad, bad, bad!

So there you have it. Our little mini-holiday was not all smooth and pleasant, but it was really great to get out of town a bit and experience something different. And the moments that were good were truly wonderful. As soon as we find a better car rental company we will give Lebanon another shot. I still really want to visit Baalbeek, and we definitely need to hit the slopes again soon.

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