Monday, June 20, 2011

Another visit to the ER - cat attack

Our second ER run (read about our first ER visit in Beirut here) here in Beirut was prompted by Abraham’s introduction to the moods of an AUB campus cat.

We were at the playground when a pregnant cat came up and started walking around my legs, obviously looking for attention. Abraham got curious and started following the cat around. She didn’t seem to really care, so although I kept reminding him not to touch her, I didn’t remove him or make the cat leave. Next thing I know I hear the cat scream and hiss, and then Abraham scream. When he came towards me he had a bite mark on one arm, and his fingers were scratched up on his other hand. I treated his wounds immediately with iodine and Neosporin, however remembering that Abraham’s tetanus booster was way past overdue (between moves and paperwork and settling in and all that, taking Abraham for a check-up and shots was one of those things still on my list of things to do), I decided to take him to the ER on our way home, just in case.

We didn’t have to wait. A pediatrician looked at his injuries and a surgical student cleaned everything again. I was told tetanus was not really a concern, but that we should go to the clinic the next day with Abraham’s vaccination card to get everything up to date. The doctor proscribed antibiotics that I could give him if anything should get infected.

The next day we went to the AUB infirmary, and Abraham got his boosters. His cuts were already healing.

The lesson here? Don’t put things off? I would have saved myself a lot of worries if I had just kept up with the shots. Oh, and don’t bother pregnant cats!

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