Friday, June 17, 2011

Another move coming up!

When we arrived in Lebanon last year we were disappointed not to get to live on campus. Not only would it have been so much more convenient for home schooling-, social- and other purposes, but it would also have been a so much better deal for us economically. There were no free apartments for us however, and over this past academic year we have gone from having been told that we probably could get an on-campus apartment next year, to we shouldn’t count on it and even finding out that we’ve been passed over, to desperate lobbying attempts for our family’s situation – without any immediate resolution. I was starting to feel quite negative about the matter. Last week I made one final attempt to find out what our housing situation would look like next year, and lo and behold, we got word that indeed a three bedroom apartment has been reserved for us to occupy as of mid-September.

What a relief, and how wonderful!

Our monthly costs will effectively go down to where we might actually be able to manage on our salary. We’ll be living next to the playground, and I can send the boys out to play. We'll be close to the sports center. We’ll have neighbors that are families with whom we can socialize. We'll have a phone. And these are only a few of the advantages!

Of course, this means we will have to move come September, and moving is not one of my favorite things to do – it’s especially hard with the little people “helping.” Also, I will miss living so close to the grocery store, and shopping will definitely pose a new challenge. These are all things we’ll be able to figure out, however, and once we’re settled, life here in Beirut will become a lot easier – I know it.

I am so excited!

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