Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The week before the concert

What a busy week! And we’re only half way through. Apart from everything else going on, we’ve had two choir rehearsals down this week - three to go. The AUB choir and Choral Society has been rehearsing every Wednesday night this semester, and this last week before the concert, we have five rehearsals, including the four-hour dress rehearsal on Sunday. All this work for one single performance on Monday night. It’s going to rock! (As far as rock can be applied to Haydn.)

Apart from Haydn’s Gloria, the Polyphonica, a special part of the choir, is doing one piece, and then we’re also singing a very interesting Arabic/Sufi song, and one in Finnish by Tormis. For this last piece, I am doing the solo together with two students. I am nervous, of course, but glad to be doing it. Some people find the piece really dreadful, but I think it’s fun and I feel very comfortable singing it – it reminds me of my Scandinavian childhood. I’m just hoping I’ll feel comfortable performing it in front of a packed Assembly Hall on Monday.

Will you come listen? Monday, 7:30 pm SHARP at Assembly Hall, The American University of Beirut campus.


  1. Oh, lucky you, singing is such fun! Tormis is indeed an interesting choice in the Middle East. BTW like Arvo Pärt is Estonian also Veljo Tormis is Estonian, though for all I know it does not mean his (possibly dreadful)songs could not be sung in Finnish. :-)

    In Estonian we say "Okas kurku!" on such occasions or "May a thorn appear in your throat!" - a slightly superstitious way of saying simply: Good luck! :-)

  2. Thank you! We did Arvo Part last semester :) - also a wonderful composer. The Tormis piece has text in Estonian and Finnish - we chose Finnish because (at least in this context) it's easier.

  3. The concert is this evening... I am actually in Beirut and wondering of anyone can go or just those associated with AUB? Please send performance info to me at: elletoo (at) gmail com if anyone can attend.

    Lorrie Bazzi