Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, William!

Today my little boy William turns eight years old. He spent his last birthday in Cairo, Egypt, and the year he turned six, I wrote this short account of his birth, which took place in Mechelen, Belgium.

Today we are in Beirut, Lebanon, and we started the celebrations on Friday with a small party: friends, games, chocolate cake, drinks, snacks, and lots of playing. Today we gave William his presents in the morning (two small Lego sets, some kind of Bakugan thing that August insisted William would love, and that indeed they’ve been playing with all morning, a strap for his guitar, a cook book and a book about drawing, and a soccer ball), and will celebrate his birthday with a lot of leisurely hanging out, maybe some soccer if the field isn’t packed, Eggs Benedict with real bacon, and home-cooked Chinese food. Abraham is walking around saying, “Weee-yahm, happy Dew-eee!!” The boys are enjoying the new toys, and everyone is content.

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