Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cleaning help in Beirut

I love Tuesday afternoons before dinner, because it’s the only time of the week that our house is decently clean. As poor as we are, we have a cleaning lady come once a week to go over all the floors and bathrooms. We pay her comparatively well, but it’s still cheap enough to be justifiable: $25/day. Before we found her, Meena – turns out she cleans all the other apartments in the building – I did the work, and it’s a good solid six-seven hour job, which is very hard to do when you homeschool and work while trying to run a household and take care of a food-throwing, active toddler. (I can’t remember when I last had time to do anything for a six hour stretch.) So even though we are trying to live a frugal life, we’ve decided that Meena is essential, and so far, we’ve managed to keep her (at this point, she really is the last monthly expense that we maintain bar food and rent). It saves me so much time and work.

She is a Jain-Hindu (look it up – it’s interesting) from Sri Lanka, has lived in Lebanon for a very long time, and has some family here. This is pretty much all I know about her, because she speaks none of the languages I master, or at least I speak non of her languages. I know though that she has a big heart, loves little blond food-throwing toddlers, and that she’s a MASTER cleaner.

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