Tuesday, May 17, 2011

AUB Choir and Choral Society Spring concert 2011

The choir concert yesterday went well.

We’ve practiced so hard this past week, so when Monday evening finally came around, I was tired – tired of having “Gloria in Excelsis Deo!” stuck in my head all day and night, and tired of quick dinners, leaving the kids and then off to campus every other evening. I love singing, and in a way I enjoyed this intense week of music, but it was also strenuous. Instead of being very nervous, I therefore had almost a sense of relief before the concert.

So yesterday wee had dinner early, then I went over to warm up, and when I got back home we all got dressed and went to a friend’s house where August and Abraham were going to stay. Because Abraham is what he is right now – a lively, happy two-year old – we decided it was best if he sat this one out, and to make him feel more comfortable staying at someone’s house for a whole evening, August stayed with him. Courtney and William came with me and watched the concert.

We’ve probably done better when it comes to certain parts of the Haydn (it seems the orchestra went quiet for a moment in the middle there), and I’ve never stumbled over the words in my solo until the concert, but it was barely noticeable, and Courtney, who’s usually my most harsh critic, said he didn’t notice it at all. I guess singing in Finnish has its advantages: nobody – or at least nobody in the AUB audience – can understand what you’re saying or tell if you’re getting the lyrics right or not. So Assembly Hall was packed, and we got standing ovations.

Of course, Courtney forgot the camera and/or the film camera so we have no documentation, however I’m sure some will show up soon in one way or another, and then I’ll try to post it.

Wednesday we practice on the beach, and Friday we sing the Tormis once more – on the beach - during an AUB arts performance, and then… there’ll be no more music class or choir rehearsal for me until the fall. It’s a welcome break coming up, however I know I’ll miss it in a few weeks.

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