Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Taekwondo belt tests

In Egypt, the boys started Taekwondo, learning from Captain Moyasser, a fantastic coach and inspiring sportsman. After three and two years respectively, practice twice every week, they managed to reach blue and green belts.
When we moved to Lebanon, we were happy to discover that there's a Taekwondo class for youth every Saturday at AUB, and although the practice is not as rigorous, strict or concentrated as it was in Egypt, the boys enjoy going. This past week their hard work so far resulted in belt tests, and they were rewarded the next degree: half red belt for August, and half blue for William.

(For those of you who don't know the system: you start out with a white belt, and then you move on to half yellow, yellow, half green, green, half blue, blue, half red, red, and then black belt, which you can have several degrees of - I think up to eight, although I'm not sure.)

For their tests, they had to do a certain number or push- and situps, then kicks, punches, blocks, one pumsae (or Taegeuk, which is a series of moves, usually around 30, done in sequence), and break two boards by a certain kick or punch. They both did brilliantly, and were so proud when they received their belts!

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