Thursday, April 7, 2011

Houseguests add diversity of thought

We have houseguests this week; friends - a couple - visiting us from Egypt. I love having them around for many reasons, but one of the greatest benefits is the presence of different perspectives, opinions, and even methods of conveying viewpoints in any discussion. Not only are there two more individuals added with their own points of view, but we are a very diverse group. We were all born in different countries and even environments, and we’ve lived in different places, our ages differ, we have very different interests, and although we all studies within the humanities, we all wrote our thesis on very different subjects. All this makes for a lot of talking, and many interesting ideas and arguments; our house is a - more than usual, I should say - stimulating environment for the moment.

Seeing the boys interact with our friends makes me happy, because I know it broadens their minds and interests, and my smart, educated friends inspire them in new ways.

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