Monday, April 18, 2011

Life with a two-year old...

We are currently at the stage where a lot of Abewahaaaam-doooo-iiit!!!’s are unmatched by the actual ability. This entails a lot of melt-downs, fits, and frustrations – for everyone. This is not my favorite part of parenting, and I’m sure not anyone’s favorite part of childhood, but it’s something that has to be gone through. My – the entire family’s - task is to make it as painless as possible.

A few examples:

Today Abraham accidentally pushed down his straw all the way into his juice box = instant melt-down and inability to eat his dinner.

This evening Abraham wanted to put his diaper on by himself. He totally cannot do it. Major screaming, fit and melt-down ensued.

Yesterday morning Abraham threw a fit because he couldn't button his own shirt buttons. Me trying to tell him no two-year old is really able to do this didn't help his frustration at all.

God give us strength to get through this.

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